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Laser Distance Meter Hack - Type 2

Here is a second description as follow up of my first post hacking a laser distance meter for Arduino Nano support.

The second device looks identical to the first one from outside. But there is a different board inside. That fits to a report of one blog commenter who is trying to modify his own device as well. In sum we got three devices with three different board layouts so far, apparently looking the same from outside.

With space for a wireless add-on board, Bluetooth maybe?
Board back side.

Fortunately for this modification, the LCD's on both devices are equal and exchangeable.

Same part number and exchangeable.
LCD connector pinout to pickup signals for Arduino Nano.
Using the LCD flex PCB for connection to Arduino.
Button signals on test pads.
Unit button requires extra wiring. Pin32 on the controller.

Improved Arduino control code:

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