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Well, I´m very happy with the piDrive I got as pledge from the Kickstarter campaign. Work nice and smooth on a 24/7 base in my personal webserver. But while building some other stuff with Raspberries I had a demand for some more piDrives. Unfortunately the maker of the Kickstarter campaign no longer response, there webpage has not seen any updates for month, almost a year, and there shop shows the piDrive anytime out of stock.

So I fired up my layout tool and put together my own piDrive design, similar to the original one, also based on PL-2571B.

mictronics piDrive

That´s a first prototype. USB wiring is maybe an object to change.

piDrive bottom layer
piDrive top layer
piDrive top components
64GB piDrive with Debian

Setting up the piDrive is a simple task. Required is microSD card of at least 128MB size, the SD image below and an actual Raspberry PI OS image of your choice.

Step by step:

Note: The microSD image will enable SSH by default.

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